New Years Eve Masquerade Ball - Let Them Eat Cake - 2018

Press Images

These images are licensed for press use only under the following conditions:

i) The images must be credited with the performer name and the photographers name (where available) in a legible font next to the image wherever used.

ii) The images can be slightly cropped or colour balanced but must not be significantly altered, collaged or re-coloured.

iii) The images are licensed for press for the New Year's Eve Msquerade Ball.

iv) The images must not be productised or used commercially without permission.

Image index

1) Amber Topaz - Image: Neil Kendal

2) Charly Voodoo - Image: John-Paul Bichard

3)Previous NYE Ball - Image: John-Paul Bichard

4) Lilly Snatchdragon - Image: Ayesha H

5) The Drama Kings - Image: John-Paul Bichard

6) Fräulein Frauke - Image: John-Paul Bichard

7) Poster 2018 - Image: John-Paul Bichard / Bichard Studios

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