Queens and Klowns

Drag as Art at Marabouparken – the ex chocolate factory and a beautiful art space and sculpture park in Stockholm. For one night transformed into a performance space with the extraordinary flamboyant dandy Prince Poppycock with the legendary Kristian Hoffman; the wild surrealist New Civilisation from Wallenberg plus a photo exhibition of images from the Exquisite Identities: Queens and Clowns series by John-Paul Bichard. Queens and Klowns is a series of performer portraits taken just before/after they performed at the Queens and Klowns event at Södra Teatern. As Drag as Art’s inaugural event, the event showcase drag based cabaret and burlesque performances and a panel discussion that was both provocative and raised serious questions around the aesthetics, politics and context of drag in 2014 western culture.

Drag as Art is the creative brainchild of Karin Victorin and Kalle Westerling that sets out to provoke questions, subvert conventions and explore drag in all it’s creative forms.

All images are copyright John-Paul Bichard 2014 and must not be used without permission.