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10 Jul 2015

Queens and Klowns

Drag as Art at Marabouparken – the chocolate factory and a beautiful art space and sculpture park in Stockholm. For one night transformed into a performance space with the extraordinary flamboyant dandy Prince Poppycock with the legendary Kristian Hoffman; the wild surrealist New Civilisation from Wallenberg plus a photo exhibition of images from the Exquisite Identities: Queens and Clowns series by John-Paul Bichard. Queens and Klowns is a series of performer portraits taken just before/after they performed at the Queens […]

25 Mar 2015

Exquisite Identities

The series was photographed in amazing locations around Europe including the ‘Versailles of Berlin’ Sanssouci Park, a 16th century chapel and castle near to Uppsala, Sweden, the beautifully preserved manor house Anstey House in Cambridge, UK and the Old School House in the centre of Helsinki. These locations are chosen to work with the aesthetic and character of the performer The series includes the following extravagant, obsessive people who perform, create and explore through their personae: Loulou D’Vil the 2013-14 […]

18 Mar 2015

Behind the Scenes

From shooting with Hedo Luxe on a 5m high Meredes Benz on the top of a factory building in Hamburg during a snowstorm to guerilla shoots in the amazing Sanssouci Park, palaces and gardens in Potsdam, near Berlin, the series has bought together amazing personalities in breath-taking surroundings. There have been some awkward moments: when a guard approached Hedo, Erochica and myself outside the golden Tea House in Sanssouci, we thought we were going to be kicked out… she wanted […]

09 Mar 2015

Melt Bar

Seven of the images from the Exquisite Identities series are permanently on display at the beautiful 1920’s style speakeasy ‘Melt’ in Stockholm. For more information please go here Shown above from left to right: Lada Redstar – Wintergarten, Berlin  2013  …  Loulou D’Vil – Old School House, Helsinki 2014  …  Fräulein Frauke – Anstey Hall, Cambridge, UK 2013 From left to right: Alexi Carpentieri – Upsalla 2012 Hedo Luxe – Sanssouci Orangerie, Berlin 2013 Marlene von Steenvag, Sanssouci Park, Berlin […]