Images of extraordinary events from around the world: the Life Ball in Vienna, numerous burlesque festivals, world class cabaret shows and our own acclaimed festivals, interactive theatre in Polish Castles, Hamlet at Elsinore castle and shows at Stockholm’s finest vintage venues. Live work is one of my specialities: working without flash, capturing the ambience, expression and emotion of live entertainment. On occasions I set up a portable studio to capture the personalities more formally with a beautiful, soft, dimensional Renaissance light that is my signature style.

Events I have covered include: Life Ball Vienna, Inside Hamlet at Elsinor Castle Denmark, College of Wizardry – Czocha Castle Poland, Fairweather Manor – Moszna Palace Poland, The New York/ Vienna/ Helsinki/ Geneva/ London, Berlin/ Polish/ Stockholm Burlesque Festivals, Milan Burlesque Awards, Pretty Propaganda Paris, Fräulein Frauke Presents (numerous shows at Nalen Ballroom, Stockholm), Stockholm Pride, Cirque Rouge Vienna, Queen Calavera Hamburg, Klowns and Queens at Södra Teatern, Boom Boom/ La Reve/ Boom and Bang Circus/ Wam Bam London, Neon Moon Cambridge.