Melt Bar

Seven of the images from the Exquisite Identities series are permanently on display at the beautiful 1920’s style speakeasy ‘Melt’ in Stockholm.
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Shown above from left to right:
Lada Redstar – Wintergarten, Berlin  2013  …  Loulou D’Vil – Old School House, Helsinki 2014  …  Fräulein Frauke – Anstey Hall, Cambridge, UK 2013

From left to right:
Alexi Carpentieri – Upsalla 2012
Hedo Luxe – Sanssouci Orangerie, Berlin 2013
Marlene von Steenvag, Sanssouci Park, Berlin 2013
Honey Lulu – Berlin 2013


The fabulous Swedish chanteuse and burlesque performer Fräulein Frauke performed a couple of her haunting Jazz classics at the vernissage much to everyone’s delight…

_JPB4624Images of Lola van Dyke and Fräulein Frauke

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