Exquisite Identities

The series was photographed in amazing locations around Europe including the ‘Versailles of Berlin’ Sanssouci Park, a 16th century chapel and castle near to Uppsala, Sweden, the beautifully preserved manor house Anstey House in Cambridge, UK and the Old School House in the centre of Helsinki. These locations are chosen to work with the aesthetic and character of the performer

The series includes the following extravagant, obsessive people who perform, create and explore through their personae: Loulou D’Vil the 2013-14 Queen of Burlesque(FIN), Amber Ray(US), Lada Redstar(YU), Vicky Butterfly(UK), Go-go Harder(US), Paulanow(US), Minnie Tonka(US), Eliza Delite(UK), Alexi Carpentieri(SWE), Marianne Cheesecake(UK), Banbury Cross(UK), Koko La Douce(CH), Ivoncita(SWE), Lady Lou(NZ), Ruby Luscious(SWE), Honey Loulou(IT), Hedo Luxe(DE), Mr Pustra(UK), Marnie Scarlet(UK), Scotty the Blue Bunny(US), Marlene Von Steenvag(DE), Xarah Van Den Vielenregen(NL), Cleo Viper(IT), La Viola Vixen(AUS), Wallenberg(SWE) and Fräulein Frauke.

And a big thank you to all the performers, Fräulein Frauke my ‘partner in crime’, Cafe de Paris London, The Old School House Helsinki, Neon Moon and Anstey House, Sanssouci Park (for their unwitting tolerance) and ‘The Little Castle near Uppsala’.

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