Behind the Scenes

From shooting with Hedo Luxe on a 5m high Meredes Benz on the top of a factory building in Hamburg during a snowstorm to guerilla shoots in the amazing Sanssouci Park, palaces and gardens in Potsdam, near Berlin, the series has bought together amazing personalities in breath-taking surroundings.

There have been some awkward moments: when a guard approached Hedo, Erochica and myself outside the golden Tea House in Sanssouci, we thought we were going to be kicked out… she wanted to take out photo! There has been urban exploration: the cellar of an ex-convent turned squat, a 19th century derelict Ice Factory, graffiti’d and wrecked; a bombed out church in South London and night time shooting at the site where Alfred Nobel tested the first dynamite. To date, the most extreme shoot was wth Lada Redstar at an abandoned Cold War sanatorium deep in the forest outside of Berlin: tall fences to negotiate, -2 degrees, guard dogs and security patrols…

Then there have been the very generous offers of locations: the Old School House in the heart of Helsinki for the shoot with Loulou D’Vil; the use of a 17th century chapel and castle near Uppsala; a shoot in the glorious Titanic ballroom inspired Cafe de Paris in London’s West End with Laurie Hagen; Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors, stacked with grotesque and intriguing curiosities and a dream-like two day shoot at the beautiful Anstey House in Cambridge UK.

From castles, to caves, opera houses, ornamental gardens to graveyards, may the mayhem continue…

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